Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oops! There Comes a Smile - Jim & Tammy & Their Friends

Continuing our theme of "Creepy Puppets", here's one with a decidedly Christian bent. It's Tammy Faye Bakker singing songs in her puppety voices (with a little help from her husband Jim on the stories). I think I've got another album of these that I'll look for if you guys are interested. And did you ever notice that Susie Moppet (that's the girl puppet on the left) looks like Porky Pig in drag?

Oops! There comes the track list:
  1. The Joy of the Lord
  2. What a Wonderful Day That Will Be
  3. Oops! There Comes a Smile
  4. Happiness Is the Lord
  5. God Is Watching You
  6. Do Lord
  7. I Wonder
  8. Heaven Is a Wonderful Place
  9. Praise the Lord
  10. God's Not Dead
  11. Story (The Pearl of Great Price)
  12. Story (Noah's Ark)
Click here or here to download!


litlgrey said...


Kip W said...

I have another kiddie album from them. I showed it to a friend when we lived in Virginia, and she said she had been in Jim & Tammy's Kid Club (back when Pat Robertson was still a local station operator).

I remember seeing Susy Moppet offered as a premium on PTL Club fund raisers -- this horrid, creepy doll wearing panties could be yours for a love gift of $35! I expect they had a bunch of them left over in the warehouse.

So one day, a friend called me and hesitantly informed me that he'd seen one of these at a flea market and gotten it for me. Yes, I'm the proud owner of a Susy Moppet doll!

And she talks! And sings! She has a little plastic record that says a half dozen sappy things, and if you flip it over, she sings a short version of "Oops! There Comes a Smy-yull!" And if you leave the batteries in, she'll come to life at midnight and kill everybody in the house.

Unknown said...

Apparently Jim and Tammy were featured on the 700 club back in those days. Seem to remember reading in the Encyclopedia of Bad Taste that Susie Moppett actually was a Porky Pig doll with the ears lopped off. I think I remember reading that when they were fired from the 700 club, someone chopped Tammy's Susie Moppett doll to bits. I am thinking of downloading it, but the Bakkers creep me out.