Friday, February 13, 2009

King Friday XIII Celebrates in Misterogers' Neighborhood of Makebelieve

This album comes to us courtesy of Tim at The Neighborhood Archive. I know lots of people will be putting up stuff about Jason Voorhees or other scary stuff to coincide with it being Friday the 13th. Not me! Today we feature Mister Rogers (back at a time when he spelled his name as one word) and the adventures of Daniel Striped Tiger, X the Owl and the rest of the neighborhood out to celebrate King Friday XIII's birthday (which is on Friday the 13th naturally). Tim does a much better job of describing what's on this album than I could, so let me refer you to the details here. There are a few unavoidable skips in this album, but this is such a rare find I feel that it's worth putting up as is. Thanks again to Tim for donating the file for this album. Take a look at his great Mister Rogers site when you get a chance!

Here's the track list:
  1. Misterogers' Invitation
  2. I Like You As You Are
  3. Then Your Heart Is Full of Love
  4. Looking for a Friend
  5. Meow Meow Beautiful
  6. Today Is New
  7. Creation Duet
  8. Find a Star
  9. You've Got to Learn Your Trade
  10. Prosperous Interval of Time
  11. Kingly Gifts
  12. Three Rodents with Defective Eyesight
  13. Propel Propel Propel Your Craft
  14. Tomorrow
  15. Goodnight God

Click here to download!


litlgrey said...

Having tweaked the brightness of the cover art, I think that Fred Rogers' picture was flipped by the designers.
Rogers gives co-credit to John Reardon, a testament to his humble and giving nature. He truly was the real deal.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!! I have been searching for these songs I enjoyed as a child to share with my son.

Sarah Jo said...

Wow, you have so many wonderful
rare mister rogers records! :D

And I don't know if you care or
not, but for my own benefit I
restored the cover art of
the record, and I'd just
like to give it to ya!

Kip W said...

Wow! This is wonderful. I'm glad I checked back. There might be another "Children's Corner" album out there as well -- a university library in Indiana has vocal scores for "Tomorrow on the Children's Corner" and one other (sorry, it's been a long time since I checked). Of course, they don't let those out on interlibrary loan, so I haven't seen them. Anyway, can't wait to give this a listen. It's downloading now.