Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Melodies from Tupperware's Star Spangled Jubilee '76

Tupperware Tuesday continues with this album, using the theme of the founding of the United States. This was, of course, the Tupperware Jubilee for 1976 (when bicentennial fever was hot in this country). You'll find appearances by George Washington, Betsy Ross, Paul Revere and more. There's some halfway decent stuff here. I particularly like the song "Where Do You Find a Marching Band in Yorktown". I also like the fact that Tupperware is actually acknowledged in one of the songs. I have no idea what the Category numbers mean, but they were listed in the track listings on the back so I include them here hoping that somebody around here is a Tupperware person and can explain it to us.

I've got one more Tupperware Jubilee album, and I'll cover that one here next week (with hopefully another one or two non-Tupperware albums along the way). Enjoy!

Here's the track list:
  1. Independence Independence
  2. Sugar, Spice, Tea
  3. A Sale
  4. Milkmaids (Category 2)
  5. Circles & Stars
  6. Milkmaids (Category 3)
  7. If I Only Had a Horse
  8. Tonight Tonight
  9. Milkmaids (Category 4)
  10. The Crown
  11. Milkmaids (Category 5)
  12. Pass & Stow
  13. Where Do You Find a Marching Band in Yorktown (Category 6)
  14. Fife & Drum
  15. Milkmaids (Category 7)
  16. Hello Dolly
  17. Tupperware Spirit of '76
  18. Milkmaids (Category 8)
  19. We Can't Forget/New Birth of Freedom
  20. America
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The Macs said...

My wife is a former Tupperware person and I'm going to slip this into her car cd player to see her reaction. Thanks!