Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Annette: A Musical Reunion with America's Girl Next Door

I've got some more records I want to make available here, but I'm having problems with them skipping. Anybody here have suggestions on how best to clean them? Until then, I've been looking through my CDs that are out of print to find things I think you guys might enjoy.

This was a 2 CD set originally released in 1993 and now out of print. This features songs from many a boy's crush in the 1950's and 60's, Annette Funicello. Included is her hits, songs from her movies (including "Back to the Beach"), and other songs from her 15(!) albums. Tragically, Ms. Funicello was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1987 and is still suffering with it today. This CD set is a fitting tribute to the happiness she has given to millions of people. I hope you like it.

Here's the track list:

Disc 1
  1. Tall Paul
  2. Don't Jump to Conclusions
  3. It Took Dreams
  4. Wild Willie
  5. Lonely Guitar
  6. First Name Initial
  7. Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy
  8. My Heart Became of Age
  9. Amo Que Paso?
  10. Train of Love
  11. It's Really Love
  12. Tell Me, Who's the Girl?
  13. Strummin' Song
  14. Hawaiiannette (Hawaiian Love Talk)
  15. Pineapple Princess
  16. Luau Cha-Cha-Cha
  17. Song of the Islands
  18. Italiannette
  19. Please, Please Signore
  20. Dream Boy
  21. Mia Cara, Mia Amore
  22. Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me
  23. O Dio Mio

Disc 2

  1. Danceannette
  2. The Rock-a-Cha
  3. Rock-a-Polka
  4. The Flapper Flip
  5. The Rock and Roll Waltz
  6. Mister Piano Man
  7. I Can't Do the Sum
  8. Just a Toy
  9. The Parent Trap
  10. Merlin Jones
  11. The Monkey's Uncle (with the Beach Boys)
  12. Walkin' and Talkin'
  13. Beach Party Tonight
  14. Blame It on the Bossa Nova
  15. Jamaica Ska
  16. Bikini Beach Party
  17. Let's Twist Again
  18. Surfer's Holiday
  19. Stuffed Animal
  20. Canzone D'Amore
  21. Music! Music! Music!
  22. How Will I Know My Love?
  23. No Way to Go But Up
  24. Annette (Featuring Frankie Avalon, Shelley Fabares, Paul Anka, and Tommy Sands)
Click here or here for Disc 1

and here or here for Disc 2!


Anonymous said...

I've used the following techniques on records with skips. I must warn you though, each method has detractors who say never to do them. However, if a record is already skipping, what do you have to lose?

1. Play the record at a slower speed. I've played 45's at 33 1/3 and 33 1/3 at 16. First, the needle does not bounce as badly because it hits the scratch at a slower speed, second, if there are a lot of scratches, they are spaced farther apart allowing your audio software to detect them more easily. After declicking, I use my audio processing software to put the music back to the correct speed.

2. Play the record wet. Playing wet will reduce bounce and also has a tedency to smooth out high end crackle, similar to what an averaging filter does.

3. Increase the inertial mass of the headshell by taping a penny or two on to it. You must then readjust the counterweight at the other end of the tonearm to make sure the stylus pressure is at the 1 - 2 grams it should be. Note that you are not increasing the pressure on the record by doing this, just increasing the inertia so that the headshell is less likely to be thrown off by a scratch.

I hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

end of disc 2 is actually:

22 - How Will I Know My Love?
23 - No Way to Go But Up
24 - Annette

There is an extra song missing from the typed playlist. There is no tag info for these tracks. Pay attention to Tony's playlist, or you will be lost.

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