Saturday, July 15, 2006

Howl Along with Huckleberry Hound and Yogi Bear

Subtitled "The First of a Series of 478 Sing Along Albums", this is one of the first albums I remember my brothers owning. Since I was the youngest, I got the records they grew tired of. In fact, until I won this copy of it on eBay, I didn't even know what the cover looked like! As you can see from the picture, it's a pretty snazzy one. Almost like some sort of Huckleberry Hound cult or something! This originally came out in 1960, the year before I was born. My original copy was pretty well-scuffed, but this one's in nice shape. The cover says, "All voices by Sascha Burland with the 'Howlers' Choral and the 'Wailers' Orchestra. Written and directed by Sascha Burland." If Burland's doing Huck here, it sounds pretty good to my ears. His Yogi, however, sounds just like Quick Draw McGraw for some reason!

This is a sing along of popular public-domain songs sung more or less straight by a chorus. Huck and Yogi barely sing on it at all. They just talk between the songs (and Yogi doesn't even arrive until Side 2). There's also an orchestra leader that sounds a lot like Paw Rugg of Hillbilly Bears fame, and a kid named Orville that just says "Nee no nonny" when he talks. The big running gag here is when the chorus all have to turn the pages of their music at the same time, and they'll all miss a word while doing it. For example, in "You're a Grand Old Flag" they'll sing, "You're the emblem of the *FLIP* I love."

There's really too many songs to list here, but chances are if it didn't cost anything to use, it's here! Hope you like it!

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Jim Klingenfus said...


Thanks for this gem. I've been looking for it for years. I'm 6 years older than you and my folks got me this record new. I love this record and I remember the humor left me with many questions. "Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech" was a mystery to me. I didn't know what whiskey was, much less why you would drink it clear.... Also this was my first exposure to a beatnik/jazz character like Mr Orchestra Leader, until Maynard J Cribbs on Dobie Gillis. After listening and looking at Sascha Burlands Bio, I suspect the guitar player was Wes Montgomery. Whomever it is he's fantastic. Thanks again! It's bringing back many memories....

yahwehfrk said...

I remember this album from when I was a kid. The part I really remember was Orville as in "No Orville, you can't have another drink of water". Thanks

C. N. Nevets said...

Buckle down, Winsaki. Buckle down.