Saturday, July 15, 2006

Father Guido Sarducci: Breakfast in Heaven

This is Father Guido Sarducci's second album, and I think it's one of my favorite "undiscovered" comedy albums. I've talked to people who remember Father Guido's first album ("Live at St. Douglas Convent") with its bits about the Fifteen Minute University and literally "paying for your sins" when you die, but few people know about this album, and it's a shame because it really is a good one. This is a performance that took place at the University of Notre Dame in 1986, and here's some of the topics covered:

The pros and cons of singing about beer on buses
The History, Folklore, and Myth of the country of Doo Dah
The missing commandments
And even a medley of Beatles' tunes!

But my favorite bit on this album by far is the one about the candles on birthday cakes. This alone is worth the price of admission (which for you is free, but you know what I mean).

Anyway, download this one. I think you'll like it.

Click here or here or here to download!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I never knew he had a second album. But I do remember "Live at St. Douglas Convent" it's been a long time since I heard it. I have the record but no record player. Do you have that one? They'd probably both fit on one CD.

Tony said...

Thanks for the comments, kabluie!
I remember hearing "Live at St. Douglas Convent" many years ago, but unfortunately I don't have it. I'd love to find it though. If you come across it, let me know. If I find another site with it, I'd be happy to link to it.

Anonymous said...

thank you for this great album. i have been looking all over for it to no avail. was it deleted? anyhoo, thanks again.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much I bought this when it came out in I think 1986. I have looked everywhere for it! Thanks a million!

LarBear said...

Yeah. I had this album a long time ago. Thank you, I had wanted to replace it.

Anonymous said...

hey, i just posted both father guido's albums on ebay. go look!! tn.golfdad

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much. This made my day.


Kris said...

Can you re-upload this please?

Tony said...

The first link (the one that wasn't working) has now been fixed!

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