Friday, June 15, 2007

Rocky & His Friends

Here's one more reason that my blog readers are the best. Not too long ago I shared this album and mentioned that I knew somebody with the Rocky and Bullwinkle album and would share it as soon as he was able to find it again. A couple of days later I received this file in my email from an anonymous contributor! He told me it was OK to share, so here it is!

You've heard some of it on the TV Cartoons album, but this also includes two Mr. Peabody adventures, another song from Boris Badenov, and songs from Mr. Peabody, Sherman, and the Moon Men (Gidney and Cloyd)! Thanks again to our anonymous donor!

Here's the track list:

  1. I Was Born to Be Airborne - Rocky

  2. I'm Rocky's Pal - Bullwinkle

  3. Bullwinkle's Corner: Tom Tom the Piper's Son and Pied Piper

  4. Peabody Here

  5. Peabody's Adventure: Ponce de Leon

  6. The No-Goodnik's Song - Boris and Natasha

  7. I Wanna Go Back - Sherman

  8. Peabody's Improbable History - Stanley and Livingstone

  9. Moon Men - Cloyd and Gidney

  10. You Gotta Have a Crook!

  11. Fractured Fairy Tale: Riding Hoods Anonymous

  12. Reprise and Farewell: Rocky's Song

Click here or here or here or here to download!


Dave said...

Awesome. Thanks. I loved this cartoon as a kid, and it is great to hear their voices once again.

Jeff Victor said...

These are great! You're really providing a great service. Do you have access to more Sesame Street albums? There was one in particular called Sing along with Ernie and Bert that I've been trying to find for years. (Or any Muppet/Sesame Street/Fraggle Rock albums for that matter) If you posted those, you'd be my new best friend!

Dave said...

@jeff victor,

I have a Sesame Street LP shared here:

Sesame Street Monsters


Tony said...

Actually I've got that one here on the board as well at

but go look at Dave's stuff too. He's got some neat albums on his blog as well!

Way Out Junk

Dave said...

Oops. Sorry Tony. I had a bid in another sesame Street LP, but it went sky high in the bidding, and I let it go. ebay is a great source for a ton of these older kids LPs.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for posting this album. I've been wanting this for years.

alarson17 said...

Thanks *so* much for this ... simply fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old one, but I had to jump in and post a "thanks for the memories" comment. I had this record as a kid. For some reason, I just HAD to find the lyrics to the Boris & Natasha's Nogoodnik song - and my quest led me here. Very nice site, lots of cool stuff. Good work.

Janas said...

Thank you for sharing this!